ich-App® …be amazing

The basis of the ich-App is the Elisa Dorandt Research
The new way out of fears, panic, mobbing, crises – the pandemic

The lively Human Start-up:
What is happening now cannot be solved by high-tech, digital apps and AI.
The ich-App is not technically, digitally installed in your smartphone,
it is analog, is activated in a lively and Emotional way in your own body system!

The ich-App is vital for parents and children and very important for youngsters.
It is the patent for a good life, better climate, physical and psychological health!

If you are strained, sick, depressed, without prospects, erleben fears, family and work stress, conflicts, mobbing, violence, burnout, insulting attacks, digital hatred… then order your individual ich-App! So you and your children are up to the extreme challenges of everyday life!

Instead of discharging the fuel outside onto others as usual, here the Emotional Trash in the body is erlebt and directly processed!

Now a pestilence threatens humans in a life-threatening manner!
The ich-App is THE alternative in these exceptional times.
As soon as the ich-App is activated, it will navigate you through crisis-contaminated, viral times.
So you have THE “Must Have” for protection & security, also regarding “Corona”!

The ich-App is the new message for live…
So far problems, Emotional and psychological stress have been treated with drugs and therapies or have been suppressed with alcohol, drugs. Now, for the first time, there is an analog Life-App, with which you can reach directly the cause of your life problems and get rid of the Emotional ballast in a second.
With this Knowledge also in business the cause of conflict is directly solved, without therapy!

Use this clarification for your future worth living!

ich-App Pulse

All just emotions!

First, order your individual ich-App

Immediately after payment, the video encoded by me individually is activated for you for 48 hours. Take the 3 steps explained in the video every day in all areas of life, then you are the Schöpfer of life – instead of repeatedly being the victim of your Life-Data!
That makes everything easier and you erlebst a wonderful friendship with YOURSELF!

With this analog Life-App you can get safely through everyday life!
The next step is the live Akademie live Akademie

I look forward to you

Elisa Dorandt